Shane & Shane – You’ve Already Won (Lyrics)

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Shane & Shane – You’ve Already Won (Lyrics)

Shane & Shane – You’ve Already Won (Lyrics)
a Song for Ukraine by Shane & Shane. All glory to God

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“…apart from You I have no good thing”

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» Shane & Shane

There’s peace that outlasts darkness
Hope thats in the blood
There’s future grace thats mine today
That Jesus Christ has won
So I can face tomorrow
For tomorrow’s in Your hands
All I need you will provide
Just like you always have

I’m fighting a battle
That you’ve already won
No matter what comes my way
I will overcome
I don’t know what your doing
But I know what you’ve done
I’m fighting a battle that
You’ve already won

There’s mercy in the waiting
Mana for today
And when it’s gone I know you’re not
You are my hope and stay
When the sea is raging
Your Spirt is my help
He’ll fix my eyes on Jesus Christ
And I’ll say that is well
Oh I know that it is well

I know how the story ends
We will be with you again
You’re my Savior my defense
No More fear in life or death
I know how this story ends

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